AUER wafer compositions with their fine creams, have been created in the Austrian capital since 1920 and have since become inseparable from the great Viennese baking tradition. If you would like to indulge in the charm of this city or take a small piece of it home with you there is nothing like the crunchy, flaky wafers and their deliciously fine creams.

It all started with a happy accident when master confectioner Rudolf Auer created the Tortenecken – then known as “cake fragments” – by unintentionally breaking large but fragile wafer cakes. Their immediate success became the corner stone of the delicious range of Austria’s most elegant wafer compositions.

Today, Tortenecken are the classic from the house of AUER combining crunchy wafer sheets with fine hazelnut cream or the delicious Mozart almond cream. But the AUER story is always unfolding and over the years the legendary Fandoro were added to the range in hazelnut and dark chocolate as well as tasty snacks like the AUER Wafer Bar, chocolatey Mignon Wafers and the handy small Snack Wafers.

Enjoy the famous magic of Austria – with AUER wafer delights!


AUER wants to inspire and encourage everyone to make a little time now and then for the most important people in their lives, to start new friendships and to reignite old relationships.  Because the connections we share are a priceless part of our lives. As an expression and a celebration of the inseparability of people of all walks of life AUER, with great care and love, bake wafer compositions that forever join tenderness and crunch.