The traditional Carlsbader wafer cake

The most popular desert with Carlsbader wafer sheets must be the traditional Carlsbader wafer cake. It entices with its especially tasty fi lling with “Powidl”, the legendary Bohemian plum jam. The cream consists of butter, sugar and plum jam alternating with a layer of couverture. The wafer layers are topped off with chocolate and almonds.


Wafer cake, Carlsbad style

A recipe by Christoph Wagner, Wagners Restaurant Hollabrunn

Ingredients: 150 g butter, 90 g icing sugar, 60 g “Powidl” plum jam, 100 g couverture, 10 g sliced, roasted almonds.

Beat the butter with the sugar, stir in plum jam. Spread the cream thinly on 7 wafer sheets, spread 1 table spoon couverture on top as a second layer. Stack up the 7 coated wafer sheets and top off with the last wafer sheet. Cover top with remaining chocolate, sprinkle with almonds – allow to rest for a good 2 hours in the fridge. May be served as a cake or cut into cubes.